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Davis Family 2009

Not much has changed in this family since the last time I saw them.  They’re just that kinda family.  Of course, the kids grow taller, prettier, more outgoing…but, the rest stays the same.  Mom and Dad still love each other…and it shows.  The kiddos still chase each other around and tend to argue a bit, but also hug and love on each other, too.   AND…I can pretty much count on having a good time when I’m hanging out with them.  You all know the type of families I’m talking about.  They stay true to themselves….no matter what.


I, on the other hand, go home with sore cheeks from laughing so much.  It’s why I love my job!  Remember this one?  It was worth another post, right?  HA!

five_0012 crops bw

dgalsThese kids have got to be the cutest on the planet!  Well, except for mine, of course.  Seriously, though…Mom and Dad have good genes!

five_0106This time around we met along the river (I’ve been going there a TON lately – everyone seems to want pics there!) for a nice, COOL stroll in the evening.  It was the perfect night for being outside….Another reason why I love my job.  I could totally be cooped up in an office somewhere forgetting just how great it is to be alive – to be able to enjoy all that God has given us.  Amen!

five_0067Mom was worried we didn’t get that many good shots.  She seemed to think her rugrats were a bit on the rowdy side, but I beg to differ.  Look how perfect they are!

five_0108and, speaking of mom…and dad.  Look how great they look, too!

coupleThe kids could hardly stand this one.  See the open mouths…HA!

five_0314Made me laugh watching them in the background…I’m pretty sure they were making vomit sounds, too.  HEE HEE!

We had to change things up and burn a little energy after the last shot…


Worked like a charm.  Happy kids, once again.

five_0203five_0260 bwmommafive_0157 bwI love that one!  “I said to stand here, son!”  HA!  Perfect!

and this one, too.  Can you tell what they’re thinking?  Poor little guy…just trying to have some fun.  I can relate to that, can’t you….


Well, at least he got to show off his muscles before we were finished…

five_0151I had a great time, once again, you guys!  Can’t wait for you to see them ALL!

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