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Do You Hear an ECHO?

We do. You have all heard me talk about Zipper, our spectacularly-awesome Black Lab.  BUT, you haven’t heard much about her pup, ECHO.  There’s a reason for that.  It seems ECHO barely lets us get a word/bark in edgewise. She’s a MANIAC! Luckily, she’s pretty darn photogenic.  I’ll let her noisiness slide for a little […]

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Take Pity

Pretty please? I’m begging you… Take one of these sweet, adorable DESTRUCTIVE little guys home with you right NOW! at the BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICE OF ONLY $850 (OBO, but don’t tell Josh)! You can read more about them HERE and HERE.  I mean really, who could resist that face?  I know you want one. We […]

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Growing Puppies

Our rolly-polly puppies will be 6 weeks old on Thursday.  They are growing like crazy and have become a constant source of stumbles & trips around our place.  The second you step out the door, they swarm you like a crazy bunch of bees until you really can’t walk without nearly falling to the ground. […]

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Good Kids in Need of a Home…

UPDATE!!!  These dogs have found a home!  Meet Coco and Cookie.  THEY NEED YOU. I felt like I had to share this sad little story.  If you can help or know someone who’d be willing to take in a couple of good kiddos, please let me know.  Feel free to link to this post on […]

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Just a Swingin’

Whoa… as in SLOWED WAY THE HECK DOWN… This weekend was awesome. I slept.  I played.  I slept some more.  I enjoyed my family.  I DID NOT work. Well…maybe just a tiny bit. BUT, now…I’m back in the swing of things.  Back to reality and back to all of you, which is good…cause I missed […]

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