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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Destiny – senior 2011

I’m gonna have to make this SUPER fast, because I actually get to leave town for a few days!!  In fact, I’m leaving in about 10 minutes, but I didn’t want to head out without giving little miss, Destiny, here a peek at her senior pics! So, without further ado… Here are just a few […]

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You’ve already seen a tiny preview of gorgeous, little Halle, but I’m the lucky one.  I got to spend an entire evening hanging with this sweet gal.  AND sweet, she is!  Plus, she’s a Stillwater girl, which means a WHOLE LOT to me!  Here are some of my favorites… and, I’ll go ahead and add […]

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Well, Hello There…

Good Morning, Wednesday.  Glad to see you. Look who I got to hang out with this past weekend… I’ll be back this afternoon with more from Miss Halle’s super fun session.  So, ya’ll come back now.  Ya hear?

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Growing Boys

I’m super lucky I get to see these boys EVERY year!  It’s so much fun to watch them grow and change.  This time around, it was really noticeable how much the oldest brother has matured in his facial features.  I was missing all those baby looks from last year.  Little bro is thinning up, too.  […]

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Meet Mark. Mark is moving in just a couple of weeks.  He’ll be gone for TWO years on a trip he’s been working towards for quite some time.  Pretty cool, huh.  AND, he’s only 23.  I find that SUPER COOL! He’s a pretty unique guy.  He’s got a great smile, BIG and genuine.  He has […]

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