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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Taylar – senior 2011

Taylar was a breeze to photograph.  She was reading my mind.  I’d start to tell her where or how to stand and she’d do it before the words left my mouth.  She ROCKED!  We had so much fun chasing the sun around while looking for cool spots in alleys and grungy buildings.  She was a […]

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Cari – 3 years

Cari is three. She has a smile that can light up the dark. Cari is shy.  VERY shy.  So, if you want to see that gorgeous smile of hers, you’d better be prepared to hang with her for a while.    You’d better be willing to be silly and make a fool of yourself… AND, have […]

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Joe – senior 2011

Meet Joe. Joe… Yep, just like the movie.  Visions of Brad Pitt are dancing in my head… Oh, okay.  On with the photos! Joe was an absolute doll to work with.  I only hope my boys will be as polite and easy-going as he was.  Really.  He was special.  Just ask his mama who happens […]

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Dirty Feet

Is it weird that the ONE thing I remember most about the fair, any fair, is DIRTY FEET?  Seriously.  When preparing to attend our State Fair of Oklahoma, the one thing I thought of was… be sure to wear decent shoes or you’ll have nasty, disgusting feet when you get home. Of course, I didn’t […]

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I absolutely LOVED this session.  These two lovebirds were great from the start.  There was no need for warming up.  They were ready to snuggle within seconds of starting our session.  It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to shoot a couple so into each other.  These two were so in love and it showed.  […]

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