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Monthly Archives: July 2010

In Her Element

My mom was born and raised in Sedan, Kansas.  Every year, she hauls our family back there for Christmas and various events.  But, now that my boys are older, it’s fun to load up the van and drive North with her for a few days to experience what she experienced as a child. Wide-open country…and […]

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Homebuilding 101 ● Roof & Windows

This will be the last update on our house for a while. We’re mostly down to the inside updates until they start bricking and rocking the outside.  Not sure when that’ll happen, yet.  You’ll be the first to know when it does.  BUT, for now, we have windows and shingles on the roof!  WAHOO! The […]

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Red, White, and Blue

Okay, so maybe it’s camo around our house.  It doesn’t mean we aren’t patriotic. This year we celebrated Independence Day (yes, this post is a bit late) for about two weeks.  Josh and the boys would set a handful of fireworks off each night before bed which was all leading up to the HUGE celebration/party […]

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Parker ● 11 days

I honestly can’t believe how many newborn sessions I’ve been doing, lately.  It really is giving me baby fever, but for now, I’m burying those feelings VERY VERY deep.  I need to focus on having a home, not a baby!  Sheesh! All you ladies out there who keep calling me with baby news, BACK OFF, […]

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Crabtree Family

I met up with the Crabtree family this past weekend at straight up NOON.  You all know how I feel about shooting in the middle of the day.  BUT, somehow, they were able to get their entire family together IN ONE PLACE at ONE TIME.  When I heard how far some of them had come […]

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