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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Snapshot Moms

Introducing… Snapshot Moms a workshop tailored specifically for moms who want to capture better photos of their children and family.  This is a BASIC workshop to help get you out of AUTO mode.  You don’t have to have any camera knowledge or an “expensive” camera.  You’ll gain TONS of information even if you show up […]

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Crazy Hair Day

Who would’ve believed it?  Not me.  He asked for a Mohawk this morning for school – I nearly fell over.  This is the kid that NEVER wants to participate in activities like this for fear someone, anyone, may look at him. BUT, not today.  Today, he wanted a Mohawk for crazy hair day at school, […]

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You wanna hear about a super cool special?  Head over to Facebook and become a friend/fan of Shannon Gurney Photography – I posted an awesome deal for all my peeps this morning!  Better go check it out! AND, since I really hate to post without a pic, here’s a point-and-shoot of my future Nascar driver… […]

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Serious Business

Not exactly sure what type of business, but it’s SERIOUS.  That’s for sure! Of course, there’s not much that isn’t “serious business” to Ty.  I hate to see what board games will be like in a few years. 

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Yep.  Someone around here is having a pretty BIG birthday today. We celebrated in really rad style on Sunday, but today it’s official.  So, happy birthday my sweet, little man.  I love you. You guessed it…. a BIG GREEN TRACTOR birthday, with a little Wally, Lighting McQueen, and sharks thrown into the mix.  All of […]

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