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Yearly Archives: 2009

Rainy Day Blues? NEVER!

I now have absolute proof the weather doesn’t make or break a family photo session… Sometimes, when you have no other choice, you simply MAKE it work.  This past weekend was a prime example of that.  AND, I’m happy to say, it did work out. So, for those of you who think it’s too cold […]

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Holloway Family

Prepare yourself for a LONG post.  I had much too hard a time narrowing these down for the blog.  Therefore, you get a TON of sneak peek photos, Holloway family. I’ve been photographing this family every year around the same time for quite a while now.  I’ve gotten to see the kiddos grow, and grow, […]

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Black Friday Gift Certificate WINNERS!

I hope everyone got some great deals on BLACK FRIDAY (the biggest shopping day of the year).  I stayed home and enjoyed thinking of all of you traipsing throughout the city searching for the PERFECT deal (and fighting off the crazies for spots in line).  I would rather pay DOUBLE than shop on BLACK FRIDAY, […]

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Williamson Family

I’m pretty sure I told this family I’d have a sneak peek up for them sometime around this past Tuesday.  Didn’t happen. In fact, they should feel REALLY lucky the sneak peek is going up now.  I almost decided to kick back and watch a movie instead.  Then I started feeling guilty.  HA!  So, Williamson […]

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