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Yearly Archives: 2009

Great Big Grin

I hope you drove to work this morning wearing a GREAT BIG GRIN.  If not, you should have. What a completely awesome SUNDAY we were blessed with this weekend.  Christmas is right around the corner, cards are going out, decorations are in every nook and cranny, and God is good. I enjoyed a perfect weekend […]

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Scott Family

Man, it feels strange to be posting about this little family.  Even though they are amazingly cute, to me I still see the little boy I taught back in 4th grade.  It was my first year of teaching.  I was so excited to be there, everything was new and fresh. Then I started to figure […]

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Lilly – 2 years

Lilly and her family drove all the way from Yukon to meet up with me at the Santa Fe Train Depot in Shawnee.  We all knew she’d get a kick out of seeing the train cars and the backgrounds are perfect for a few family photos, too.  It wasn’t exactly a “perfect” day.  It was […]

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Swartzbaugh Family

I made the trek to Guthrie to hook up with the Swartzbaugh family, and I’m glad I did.  Sometimes, it gets so tiring shooting at the same locations all the time.  I love it when a client calls and already has a great spot in mind.  It’s so much fun and refreshing to shoot in […]

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Who Needs Toys?

Look closely in that last one.  There are THREE puppies.  Do you see her? Who would’ve thought that a handful of pups and a pile of leaves could be so entertaining… Even poor Zipper got in on the action.  The only problem was instead of being a dog she was given the part of a […]

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