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Monthly Archives: March 2008

San Antonio

I mentioned before in this post that I had taken a ton of San Antonio photos.  I also mentioned they weren’t the greatest quality shots in the world.  I didn’t mess with settings much and mostly used my camera as a point and shoot.  However, I still feel the need to share them with all […]

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Can’t get this song outta my head…

Did anyone else see this? I just happened to catch this on Oprah the other day and I’ve had the song in my head ever since.  I’ve even got Ty singing it.   I looked her up on Youtube today and listened to all her stuff.  I’m gonna have to go buy the new album, Spirit. […]

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Walker James…coming soon

You’ve seen my friends, the "W" family, in numerous photos here on the blog.  Bella (little Shirley Temple look-a-like) is on here frequently since she is one of Ty’s good buddies. Plus, we just happened to vacation with them this past summer in Cabo!  You probably remember their super cool beach photos!  Well, it’s the […]

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Couple of knuckleheads…

Josh and his nephew, Jesse, have a really unique relationship.  They really are the best of buds.  It’s fun to watch them interact with each other… Josh tortures him pretty much anytime he’s around… Still, it’s obvious the fun they have together… It makes me realize how much fun it will be when our boys […]

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Easter Recap

Before I start displaying all our wonderful Easter photos, I want to say this post is mostly for my family members who read on a regular basis and will be expecting some Easter shots.  While many of you leave me lovely comments now and then and I know you enjoy reading my blog, you cannot […]

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